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Environmental Engineering & Land Use Planning

Property Assessments

NCA has been completing environmental property assessments for potential environmental liabilities associated with the presence of hazardous materials and/or oils for over 25 years in conjunction with both environmental due diligence for property acquisition, sale or financing transactions, and under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan for known environmental conditions.  Through our work on thousands of properties with varying uses, environmental settings and land use histories, we have developed a broad knowledge of potential sources for environmental liabilities that enable us to identify issues quickly and comprehensively for our clients.   


In addition to our extensive background in identifying environmental issues, NCA also has the ability to develop timely and effective strategies to either mitigate any corresponding risk, or demonstrate the absence of risk on behalf of our clients through expert environmental sampling and analysis. NCA has considerable experience in the proper analysis of various media including soil sediment, groundwater, surface water, indoor air and hazardous building materials and the interpretation of the data obtained.  The following is a summary of some of the types of property assessments performed by NCA.

  • Real Estate Transaction Screen
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Vapor Encroachment Screening Assessment
  • HUD MAP Program Assessment
  • Environmental Audit
  • Massachusetts Contingency Plan: Phase I - Phase V
  • Massachusetts Solid Waste Phase I Initial and Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan
Environmental Assessment
Environmental Assessment Test Pit