Nangle Consulting Associates, Inc.
Environmental Engineering & Land Use Planning
Our Mission
Nangle Consulting Associates, Inc. (NCA) was founded in 1989 with the goal of providing cost effective, practical and responsible solutions to complex and evolving scientific and regulatory environmental challenges in the best interest of our clients.  A key to our early success in addressing those challenges was our commitment to direct personal interaction with our clients to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their overall needs.  While the challenges and issues we face today have changed significantly since 1989, our founding goal and commitment to our clients remains the same.

The experience and expertise that NCA has developed over the past several decades of providing consulting services on thousands of private and public sector projects completed throughout the New England area has served to strengthen our understanding of the importance of personal interaction with our clients.  While we take advantage of and acknowledge the tremendous benefits in the advancement in the field of environmental science and engineering realized in this evolving digital age, we are also aware that there is a tendency today to rely upon an abundance of readily available data to develop opinions and solutions without the necessary communication and proper understanding of a clients' needs. At NCA, we recognize the effect that this may have on our clients' goals when dealing with the often grey and complex environmental issues we face today and continue to maintain our commitment to ensuring their best interests are met through cost effective, practical and responsible solutions.